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Down a Hole in Athens

Now we’re in it.

Me, Ducasse and Jimmy wanderin around Athens in a great hole, a K-hole, and maybe a PCP-hole, and definitely an absinthe-hole cause that’s what started this mess, and I know we’ve all got pocketfuls of Es cause we’re passin em out like Smarties. Lenny was with us, but we think he’s been arrested but nobody’s quite sure. Athens has sucked us into the hole and everything we do spills in, lost to experience and recollection, never to be recovered. There’s no climbin out either, none of us is showin the least inclination to, cause we keep poppin and snortin and drinkin — in the toilet of every corner bar, the cistern or the sink lined with white powder and sniffed, or a pill popped surreptitiously or, fuck it, plain as day just walkin down the street.

Tcha! Neckin pills and we’re still kickin.

Omonia, Exarchia, Metaxourghio, Psiri, Monastiraki, Thissio, Plaka… it goes on and on, and I’m not sure if we’re even eatin or just thrivin on booze and pharmaceuticals, all over a city which is not the least bit drug-friendly.

Let’s take Jimmy to Madame Zhu’s, I say.

Nah, you fucken clown, Ducasse says. Madame Zhu’s is in the Dam.

Ducasse, I say, I was in it last week, or two weeks ago, or some time ago, I don’t remember, but I was in it here in Athens.

You’re off your head, he says.

Yes I am, but I remember very clearly.

I’ll take you there, I tell him.

Forget it, you’re dreamin it, he says.

I’ll take you there now.

So I retrace my steps best I can across the city, the dark night across the city, left here, right there, past the Botanical Gardens, we all pop another pill, turn here, down a dark street, should be just about…

But no. It’s not where I left it.

It should be right here, I say.

Told ya, you’re off your head, Ducasse says.

Nah, Ducasse man, I tell him. It was right here.

But there’s no burgundy, or perfume, or burgundy perfume anywhere or nowhere. It’s gone, dissipated in the hot Athens night.

Note: flash fiction, drugs lit and all other content is the sole work of Black Tarn. Ask before republishing.

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