'Madame Zhu', by Ultan Banan. 'Damask and bamboo and burgundy perfume...'

Madame Zhu

Word is, there’s a woman from back of Macau
ordained on Meru in the waters of the lake,
came forth like a daughter of the sun
and killed her way across the land
with a knife of green in her delicate hand,
feeding on sons and the woe of mothers.
Sated, she started on the daughters
til there were no more to spare
and she built a garden of bamboo and damask
and her bed was the dirge of the last ones,
the ones who saw that they were the last and no more would follow
because there was no more need for flesh.
All were filled because she was sated,
and all we needed was burgundy perfume
which was her scent;
damask and bamboo and burgundy perfume
was all we needed now.
She gave it to us.
Her name was Madame Zhu.

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