Liminal Howls, Volume Two

2021. Hunkered down in our bunkers, only pokin the head from the foxhole to buy milk or fegs, wasting away in our incarcerated funk.

Here is Volume Two of Black Tarn Publishing’s in-house magazine, Liminal Howls. It contains an extract of two forthcoming novels: ‘Serpent Rose’ from Dave Migman, coming in April, and ‘Notes from a Cannibalist’ by Ultan Banan, available on February 28th. Also, lots of poetry and art by Dave and a short story from Ultan.

Sharpen your arrows and stockpile the biscuits. They’re coming for us. Before the lights go out for good, settle in for some bedtime reading.

Liminal Howls, Volume Two, available now. Please note: all content is the sole work of Black Tarn. Ask before republishing.

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