Limited edition artwork from Black Tarn. Indie publishing on the blockchain.

Limited edition NFTs

There are some new limited edition NFTs from Black Tarn Publishing  available out there in the ether. We have embraced the blockchain and are exporing the vast halls of crypto. Ultan Banan’s two novels are already available on the daVinci Gallery, and now he is releasing a few prints to complement the written works. Prints are limited to ten: five available on Cargo, five on daVinci. Previews and links available below.

dystopian fiction

Limited edition artwork from Ultan Banan:

Meathead, 40x55cm

Barbecued Meat, 44x61cm

For books from Black Tarn Publishing, follow the link below:

 Black Tarn Publishing on the blockchain. Please note: flash fiction, nonfiction and all other content is the sole work of Black Tarn. Ask before republishing.

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