Kindra from The Bubblegum Review picks her favourites from 2021. (No book links. Get your little google-fingers working.)

Best Indie Books 2021


Happy End of 2021. 🎉As the world and my country has burned away all around outside of me, I’ve been reading my little heart away. Something like,

best of indie books

With that said, I’ve really come to love indie books, or books published by authors and/or small presses. It was a little shaky at first … but also because I didn’t quite know where or how to look either.

I started “The Bubblegum Review” not too long after I published my own book. I really did want to be the change I wished to see and yada cliché, but it’s true. Before I came into God in 2020, I was doing all this promotion and writing and asking, which, there’s nothing wrong with that if that’s your thing. But what I realized is that I was seeing the same carbon copy of mainstream publishing inserted into indie publishing. People reading and talking about the same books, no diversity of opinion, etc. I knew that my own book might not be that popular and that it was a tough sell for many reasons, but I didn’t care. I at least wanted someone like me out there willing to read it … objectively, and from a well-read background. Someone who wouldn’t be huffing and puffing and offended at every little thing, which is really not what literature and art is about.

And so, I also came up with Beta Reading Services. Because I love to read, and I love to read wide; and the greatest gift I could’ve been given as a young awful writer myself was the gift of someone willing to affordably read my work with an objective opinion.

I’ve read a lot of indie books in 2021, and I think all I have that might be helpful is:

1) I personally don’t really read book blurbs (though, of course, they’re important). I pick a book based on the cover and the first few pages. So if a book doesn’t offer a sneak peek just in general, or because it’s a pre-order that doesn’t allow for sneak peeks, or there’s only a physical copy and no eBook available, I’m probably not going to buy it.

2) If I’ve read an eBook riddled with errors but still enjoyed it, I will not buy a hard copy.

And that’s all I got! If interested in Beta Reading Services, mosey on over here. I’ve also got a bevy of indie books available for just 1 more circulation. If interested in borrowing, click here. Otherwise, thanks for the reads 2021. Indie reads I’ve particularly enjoyed this year …



*P.S. the above graphic is edited from KC Green’s illustration. Visit here.

God, devil, Faith, good, evil, Horror, Christianity, dark, Medieval

Work/professional, culture/war, Corporate, bureaucracy, Government, biographical fiction/memoir, Politics, metaphysical, urban fantasy

Dark, dystopian, Surreal, strange

Magical, Magical Realism, Ancient, Classic Literature, Celtic, Medieval, Sumerian, Dark, Fable, Fairy Tales

Ex-pat Fiction, International, Danger, Intrigue, Mystery


Forgiveness, transformative, Coming-of-age, Aging, magical

Psychological, Criminal, mystery, Local, hard boiled, Cozy mystery, historical

Coming-of-age, manhood

Flash fiction

Young Adult, Fantasy, War, Sci-fi, Historical, Special/magical

Sci-fi, Series, Novella, High fantasy, Legend

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