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Almost three weeks ago the ‘Freedom Convoy’ (a fleet of trucks, estimated to number between 35 and 50,000) left British Columbia and drove across Canada in the height of winter to protest vaccine mandates in the country. As the convoy reached the nation’s capital, Ottowa, liberal haircut Justin Trudeau fled with his family to hole up in a ‘secret’ location. The convoy has besieged the city since, prompting a series of anti-protest measures by the authorities, including the attempted theft of $10 million in worldwide donations by GoFundMe (presumably at the behest of the Canadian, or American, government), and the seizure of fuel by local police, a questionable move given that some of the truckers are travelling with family, including young children. The protests have since inspired imitator convoys in France, Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere; Authorities in New Zealand tried to drive away protesters by blaring the macarena and Barry Manilow for hours on end (no joke), while Macron sent in the army.

trudeau has already lost

The news that veterans had come out in support of truckers blocking border crossings between Canada and the US means that whatever Trudeau does, he has lost the war for hearts and minds. Veterans are nigh-on untouchable, and even if things get ugly and the government orders mass arrests and the protests come to a violent end, the truckers have won. Polls already suggest the people are turning against the haircut.

Let’s hope that a victory in Canada is followed by similar results in all WEF-infiltrated countries. It’s about time these Davos pricks took a slap in the face. The WEF is an enemy to every human being on this planet who believes in basic human freedom and dignity. 

trudeau has already lost

UPDATE: It was announced shortly after the writing of this article that the haircut has invoked the Emergencies Act in order to quell the ‘illegal obstruction’of the truckers. Measures Trudeau says he will enact are freezing the bank accounts of the protesters and voiding their insurance. What more evidence do you need that these ‘liberals’ have zero regard for basic human rights? Who was it that said, ‘Scratch a liberal and you find a fascist’?

There you are. It seems that having great hair does not also preclude one from being a cunt.

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