Indie Publishing

Black Tarn Publishing was created as an experiment in creative synergy by a couple of authors from the shores of Alba and Hibernia. Ultan Banan and Dave Migman are two writers who share a desire to write and create in a way that is wild and lucid, without restraint or obligation. Call it what you will: outsider fiction, mythopoeia, post-apocalyptic, bizarro, friction… we’re happy carving out our own niche, hacking out a literature unconstrained by any kind of restrictive paradigm, political or otherwise. Black Tarn is an indie publishing outfit producing fiction that is raw, sharp and assured.

The indie scene, due to its lack of oversight and constraints, is well-positioned to be at the forefront of literature in today’s publishing environment. In an era that is all too staid and soulless, it is indie publishing that represents the frontline. At Black Tarn, we aspire to be part of the vanguard.

Black Tarn grew out of a frustration with the current publishing environment, the project a response to the overall trends within publishing to ticking boxes and mass appeal. Black Tarn gives us the free rein to hew our own path, carve our own trajectory, the only restrictions imposed upon us the ones we choose for ourselves. In a word, creative freedom. Yum yum.

Liminal Howls

Launched in November 2020, Black Tarn set sail on the torrid sea of self-publishing, carried only by the winds of self-dependence and healthy gusts of smugness, and we’re now afloat somewhere on the periphery of that vast ocean, to some perhaps the literary equivalent of the Pacific garbage patch, and to yet others a cool oasis on some remote island. So take your dinghy and hop in, and start paddling, and join us on the endless, frightening expanse. Keep your eyes open and your ears peeled and you’ll see us in the distance — we’re the ones howling like lunatics into the vast emptiness. You’ll hear us yet.

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