The authors at Black Tarn specialise in outsider and dystopian fiction. The works a response to the darker side of the world we live in, the writers at Black Tarn seek to expose the raw nerve that is hidden from sight, but there all the same, blissfully ignored as we cling to our routines and follies. Unapologetic outsider fiction at it’s finest, darkly psychological, perversely dystopian. The following are the founding members of the indie outfit:

outsider fiction

Dave Migman is a writer, artist and stone carver. His filthy dreams and fantasies have seeped into hyper reality. Slowly, but surely, he is infecting the system. Blood, sweat and dirt; he is all these things and more. D. Migman now lives in Scotland in a room filled with eggs. Some day they will hatch.

Ultan Banan

Ultan Banan started writing as a way of getting his head straight, discovering in the process that staying busy is the only way to stop oneself going insane. He devotes what time he can to writing, doing his best to avoid gainful employment by ever more creative means. He lives on the move but dreams of a small cottage on a foul and inhospitable coast somewhere. Currently in Italy.

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