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In the murky wake of the financial crisis a string of establishments pop up across Europe catering to a hedonistic underground, its clientele beholden to a strange, hallucinatory meat. Stoked by the fleshy and charismatic Hugo and fuelled by voracious consumption of ecstasy, the craze spreads from the heart of Europe all the way to the Mediterranean, where in Athens the financial elite begin to turn on each other. Follow the story to its savage end, where consumption eats itself alive.



Zero quit the drug that everyone else is taking. The drug, Chimerol, warps reality to keep the clones dumbed down. It is taken on the premise of a lie. Zero is plunged into a dystopian reality. It is the Beast Machine that administers the drug to everyone, and its demons hunt those who stop taking Chimerol. Isolated by this nightmarish discovery, and driven by his loneliness, Zero writes to a suburban acquaintance, Lori, urging her to stop taking Chimerol. Scared by the content of these letters, Lori’s husband informs the authorities. Demons are dispatched to go after Zero, but is their target all that he seems?

Zero is a dystopian fantasy that questions the very nature of reality.

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