Here is Volume Two of Black Tarn Publishing’s in-house magazine, Liminal Howls. It contains an extract of two forthcoming novels: ‘Serpent Rose’ from Dave Migman, coming in April, and ‘Notes from a Cannibalist’ by Ultan Banan, available on February 28th. Also, lots of poetry and art by Dave and a short story from Ultan.

Issue no.1 of Liminal Howls, the first in a series of freebies. Contains a selection of dark literary fiction from Black Tarn Publishing:  


Below are the links to some friends of Black Tarn Publishing:

Check out Dave  Migman’s graphic novels and other works over at

Editing is a tricky business when you write dark indie fiction. At Black Tarn, we like Paul over at Seminal Edits for our copyediting work. Give him a shout if you need work on your text.

Kindra is a seeker and a searcher in the dark mines of indie publishing. She does beta reads, and she has a very discerning eye. Hit her up if your need an outside opinion on your work.

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